Migration Research Foundation
Migration movements, as a global issue today, affect a very wide geography, especially the countries of origin and destination. Thus, the concept of migration becomes a policy determining factor in the international arena with its political, cultural, economic and social dimensions. Turkey has also been a country whose citizens have migrated to different regions of the world, especially Western European countries since the 1950s. Over time, Turkish citizens living in different parts of the world have constituted a diasporic society by creating different and permanent areas with their social relations, political participation and commercial potential. This society still maintains its ties with its homeland and the Foundation closely follows the problems faced by this society in Turkey, from public services to social and cultural issues. The Foundation aims to generate solutions to eliminate these problems, to carry out studies on asylum and migration areas in Turkey based on the experiences of our society abroad, and to support social participation policies. In this context, the field of work of the Migration Research Foundation (GAV), which was established in 2010, is primarily the Turkish society living abroad. This society's - language and culture accumulation, - social, cultural and political issues, - participation, integration and assimilation policies of the countries they live in are the subjects discussed.
The Foundation aims to; · conduct research on the language and culture accumulation and social, cultural and political issues of the Turkish society living abroad · conduct research on the participation/adaptation/assimilation policies of the countries Turkish society live in · develop solution proposals · form public opinion and inform decision makers in line with these aims.
The vision of the Foundation is to become a reference center in the civil, academic and public areas with the knowledge it produces and the human resources it raises in the field of migration and diaspora, and to carry out a foundation work that is beneficial to the society in this regard.
The Foundation conducts research in social, political, legal, economic, cultural and other fields related to migration and diaspora, produces knowledge, and carries out educational activities. It presents the knowledge it produces to the national and international public, as well as solution and decision mechanisms.

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Faaliyet Raporu 2019
Yazar: Göç Araştırmaları Vakfı

Faaliyet Raporu 2020
Yazar: Göç Araştırmaları Vakfı