Turkish Culture in Germany. Multiculturalism and Intercultural Education

The writer, who has been working in the Department of German Language and Literature at Hacettepe University Faculty of Letters since 2003, has published sworn statements such as literary theory, cultural identity, orientalism in Western development and Turkish image. Published in 2012, the original language of this book is German. When the content of the book of Turkish Culture in Germany is observed, the Official Principle of Almayan and Multiculturalism, Culture singular, Turkish culture and social conditions as a combination of Turkish immigrants in Germany, and education and training method in immigrant children give a wide coverage. Stating that he utilizes the humanist theoretical knowledge analysis in his work, the author bases the development of people in a multicultural society on the basis of humanity and in this context, the potential created by intercultural pedagogy from education, state administration, bureaucracy, etc. It discusses the tasks that will be removed until the end and presents it to the readers’ taste.



Onur Bilge Kula



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