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Migration Research Foundation

As a global issue, migration movements have been affecting extensive geography, especially the source and destination countries. Thus, the concept of migration becomes a policy determining factor in the international arena with its political, cultural, economic, and social dimensions. Turkey has been a country of emigration to the world’s different regions, including countries in Western Europe since the beginning of the 1950s. Over time, Turkish citizens living in distinct parts of the world have created a diaspora society by creating diverse and permanent spaces with their social relations, political participation, and commercial potentialities.
In this context, the research area of the Migration Research Foundation (GAV), which began its Journey in 2010, is primarily the Turkish community living abroad.

The considered topics of this community are:
– language and cultural accumulation,
– social, cultural, and political issues,
– participation, adaptation, and assimilation policies of the countries they live in.
As a think tank, we aim to research these issues, to develop solutions, to create public opinion, and to inform decision-makers.
However, the Foundation, closely monitoring the problems encountered by the Turkish community who maintains ties with the motherland from public services to social and cultural issues. Besides, aim to produce solutions to eliminate these problems, based on our society abroad experiences to research refugee and migration issues, and to support social inclusion policies in Turkey.



Göç Araştırmaları Vakfı ilgili makamlarca onaylanarak resmi olarak kurulmuştur
Ankara Öveçler’de fiilen faaliyetlerine başlamıştır.
Vakıf Ankara'a Hamamönündeki ofisine taşınmıştır.
Vakıf araştırma merkezlerini aktif hale getirmiştir.
Göç ve Diaspora Akademilerini başlatmıştır.

Aim & Vision & Mission


We aim to produce solutions to eliminate these problems by closely monitoring the problems faced by the Turks in the diaspora from public services to social and cultural issues in our country. In addition, starting from the experience of our community abroad, to do work related to asylum and migration issues in Turkey and we aim to support their participation policies.


To become a center in civil, academic and public sphere with the knowledge and human resources it produces in the field of migration and diaspora.


The Foundation conducts research, produces information and conducts educational activities in social, political, legal, economic, cultural and other fields related to migration and diaspora. It presents the information it produces to national and international public as well as solution and decision mechanisms.


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