Turkish Diaspora Research Center

Since the beginning of the 60s, the number of Turkish people which has spread to different geographies of the world, especially Western Europe, has reached 6.5 million today. Our citizens who have migrated abroad have enriched to the countries where they live in many fields from art to sports, from politics to trade. They also continued their relationship with the homeland and become a bridge between Turkey and the countries they migrated. However, in the last time in Turkey’s policy towards the Turks living abroad and discourse and practice in the host country shows that both Turkey and countries that host our citizens do not give weight their problems accordingly. At the same time every passing period, the nature of relations between the countries that our people live in and Turkey is undergoing radical changes. In this context, the Turkish Diaspora Research Center was established by the Foundation in order to conduct research in the fields of migration, migration history, political, social, cultural and economic relations and similar issues.