Combating Against Islamophobia Research Center (İDMAM)

Day by day the term Islamophobia has become a global issue and multi-diverse phenomenon. Though in the comprehensive discussion it is both an incomplete and complicated term, in general, Islamophobia means a ‘phobia against Islam’. Why would someone have a phobia against a religion? But how logical is this? Is it entirely a psychological issue or a political issue?
However, the most common narrated history about Islamophobia is- it became familiar after the 1/11 attack in the United State of America. On the other hand, through history, we got to know that anti – Muslim, anti – Islam attitudes and incidents have a deep root in history. Under the scope of the Migration Research Foundation, the Combating Against Islamophobia Research Center (İDMAM) aims to analyze the origin and different aspects of Islamophobia from the West to the East. In this regard, İDMAM aims to research different perspectives and aspects of Islamophobia, mapping Islamophobia, raising voice against Islamophobia, offer proposals or suggestions to the policy-makers to combat Islamophobia. Besides, as a think tank, we aim to train and make experts in this area with a view to creating an atmosphere of peace and tolerance that will ensure a multicultural environment in societies where the Muslim communities do live.